Sign: Sagittarius. Cancer rising, Virgo moon. Born the year of the sheep/goat.

Hair color: Still (miraculously) mostly brown and curly.

Eyes: Green with yellow rings, like a moon of Saturn.

Height: 5’4”, the American female average.

Pen name: Nora O'Floinn.

Thai nickname: Jan Pen, the full moon.

Six-word memoir: Teetered on the precipice then jumped.

Music: Mozart and the Italians. Old jazz—viva New Orleans! The Hamilton soundtrack., Aimee Mann, Bruce, Neil, U2. And who could forget, 1980s disco?

Favorite DJ: Bob Dylan on Theme Time Radio Hour on satellite radio.

Favorite movie director: Jim Jarmusch. .

Movies/television worth watching more than once: Absolutely Fabulous, Moonlight, Moonstruck, Succession, Orange Is the New Black, and, of course, The Big Lebowski.

Best book it took me far too long to get around to reading: Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.

Platform: All Mac all the time since 1984.

Font: A good old-fashioned serif: Garamond or Goudy Old Style or Baskerville any day.

Currently on my writing desk: Two pale blue inkwells holding red zinnias. The Buddha. Three painted cats from Oaxaca, Mexico. A pile of stones from a beach in Jacmel, Haiti. A feathered quill pen bought in the Marais in Paris, France.

Guilty pleasure: Velveeta dip co-mingled with salsa, scooped up with corn chips.

Little known personal fact: I've never worn a watch. Actually, for a brief while back in the early 1970s, I had an open-face Accutron-the one you could see inside-a gift from my high school love. I broke it or lost it or gave it back to him. But did, indeed, wear it for a bit.

What way too many of my friends have in common: They are southpaws.

Best job so far: Trattoria waitress.

Best cat so far: Blue-eyed Balthazar, 1 April 1988 to 18 May 2006. Although, Ping(uino) (RIP 2017) and Ryman (RIP 20190 were deluxe animals as well.

Favorite foreign language: Italiano!

First impressions of Venice, Italy: Bells, birds, footsteps.

Most surprising travel/vacation: Selma, Alabama.

Favorite mass transit: The crazy, colorful tap-taps of Haiti!

Favorite parade personality: The Human Kielbasa in the Plymouth, Pennsylvania, August 2006 and (with a new look and horseradish sidekick) August 2007 Kielbasa Festival parades.

In a past life: Art colony bohemian.

In the life before that: Irish peasant.

Even further back: What the hell, Cleopatra!

Show me a hero: Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama

Politics: Still independent after all these years. With two brief Democratic flirtations to cast primary votes for the lovely Dennis Kucinich and Barack Obama.

If I ran the world: John Lennon's Imagine the playbook.

The Oregon rain: Mostly interesting until the driveway slumps. Or, in the case of city life, tree branches fall onto the roof.

Dansko clog slut since: 1996.

Online since: 1984. Eek. Scary. Dates me.

Fortune cookie fortune: Your dreams are never silly; depend on them to guide you.



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