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It has taken me all damn day to get the room of my own, the one in which I write, returned to a modicum of order so I can begin to focus on writing again. Piles of books, piles of random newspaper clippings, and newsletters and mail and receipts that may or may not be tax-deductible so I save them and usually end up burning them all in the wood stove by this time next year. Notebooks, notebooks, notebooks. Photographs that belong in albums or that I’ve taken out of albums to frame. The flotsam and jetsam gathered on my travels—business cards from restaurants where I ate, maps and travel brochures that I may be able to cut/paste into some kind of artist trading cards in the future. And I pride myself on being a relatively orderly person. Tomorrow, this effort today will all have been worth it. And, oh yeah, I did tinker with the photo albums on the blog, turn on the machines that wash dishes and wash and dry clothes, burn a CD, send e-mail, re-arrange rugs now that it’s summer…all this never leaving the compound except to run some stamped letters up to the mailbox at the top of the hill. Sun shining now. Take a deep breath.

The public domain image above is a 1960 National Geographic map of the world.

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