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Actually, we have shiny happy 70-year old linoleum after today. Yes, indeedy, our antique kitchen floor got its first beauty makeover since we bought our house just over nine months ago. First vacuum up the Doug fir needles and cooking schmutz, then mop with Sal Suds, then rinse with clear water. Wait until dry. Then, by hand, apply a thin layer of some yuppie Marmoleum polish which may or may not be the same thing as Mop ’N Glo but because we are totally freaked out about keeping this elderly (two years younger than John McCain) floor alive and kicking we took no chances. So now, tonight, it’s freaking shiny and fabulous. Maybe even more so than back on that day in January when we first toured what would soon be our new home. The label on the bottle of floor shine goop said you might only have to do the application once a year if you followed the instructions and did everything right Fingers crossed we fall into that category. The hardest part was keeping the cats away from the kitchen during the requisite drying period. Meanwhile, it’s reflective as a mirror tonight on our antique linoleum floor…

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