The Sun Returns on Tuesday

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Photo by Gary Todd

I was hoping to get in my 3.2 mile loop to and from New Seasons market this afternoon but, alas, it’s really coming down cats and dogs out there! The crows have invaded the front lawn, picking worms I guess. The newspaper promises the return of that little yellow/bright white light disk known as the sun on Tuesday and it’s supposed to hang around for the rest of the week. The guy on the classical radio station says it’s going to be almost spring-like weather through the weekend. Fingers crossed. Given that, I am thinking I may stay inside and do some yoga poses and save my walking steps for a 5-miler tomorrow when everything is a bit less saturated.

Meanwhile, I continue to work through the Rosetta Stone Italian language immersion program. Today I was forced back to review earlier lessons, something in their lexicon, called Adaptive Recall. Saying hello, asking a person’s name, talking about the color of people’s hair, you know, exciting things like that. Not. It’s plodding but I mostly do fairly well. Of course, I have studied Italian how many times before? It’s when I have to answer questions that involved pulling something out of my brain, turning it into Italian words that then come out my mouth—well, that’s when I falter. I suppose that’s the hardest part. It’s certainly what I never mastered after all those years way back when studying French.

It’s almost time to start the lentil chard dish to accompany our roast chicken for dinner.

So, for what it’s worth, Il sole ritorna domani. Arriverderci.

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