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…was to spend some time reflecting and synthesizing just what, really, is bugging me about the way I feel I’ve disengaged with my writing and the daily writing practice. Below is an updated artist’s prayer to guide me through the next phase of my creative journey. I’ve been doing these since 1998. It definitely helps to take a look inside and find words to fashion a new one every now and again.

April 2008

Artist’s Prayer

O Great Creator,

In spite of my recent success with publications, awards, and community recognition, I continue to doubt that this writing life is, indeed, for me. Over and over again, I lose sight of the receptive mind and open heart necessary for me to give voice to my truth, bedrock for the making of any art. Too often, I defer to the expertise, status, and pronouncements of others, forgetting that I also have thoughts and opinions worthy of sharing with the world.

Guide me back to having faith in my writing self, back to the focus and discipline necessary to do this work, so vital to my personal satisfaction with and confidence in what I create. Help me remember that it is perfectly fine that I am on an individual, at times, very solitary journey. And that simply because there is lately in the world such a torrent of words, such a chattering of writers hawking their wares does not necessarily mean I will want or need to join in that fray.

There are many voices in the chorus that is making one’s art with words. Grant me patience as I stumble along, experimenting with what it takes for me to honestly and yet humbly speak. And continue to remind me that there is no “right” way– only that I be true and authentic to the voice I hear singing inside. And continue to celebrate how far along on this journey I’ve already come.

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