Metaphor for This Past Ice-Bound Week?

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An heirloom narcissus that, strangely, insisted on blooming starting back in December and is now slayed and then some by our recent ice/ocalypse. Which still refuses to thaw as temperatures hover (barely) above 32 degrees Fahrenheit for yet another night. This tenacious little blossom feels like a stand-in—perhaps a symbol for all of us struggling humans unused to (for now) these weather extremes, spoiled and privileged as we confront and attempt to brave this brave new unprecedented climate-crisis world, where these uncommon events show up, more often and with regularity, wreaking their havoc, making our so-called modern lives next to impossible for days. How we think we can stand up, endure the elements, outsmart the ice, wind, snow, cold but, alas, it is impossible to navigate once you are hunkered down, encased.

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