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My poem, “Tong-len Forgotten” was published once upon a time, long long ago, in the June online issue of Napalm Health Spa: Report 2007. According to The Buddhist Dictionary, tong-len is “a practice in Tibetan Buddhism of meditatively ‘sending’ (btang) one’s good fortune and happiness out to others and ‘receiving’ (len) any misfortune and negativity others may be experiencing.” We were on a trip to the lovely Québec City when I bore witness to the scene that later found its way into this poem.

Tong-len Forgotten

How is it I rush past the young man
asleep on a cemetery bench
behind Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste,
my every thought on finding a café
yet still notice the newspaper folded,
inky shroud over his face,
Converse high-tops with no socks,
silver studs that are a belt below
a smile of skin, his waist
alive with its blue-vein tattoo?

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