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Rivers I Have Known

Historic —

Susquehanna: River of origin, is there such a thing as a birth river, the river in the town where I grew up, the one that flooded the streets and left us homeless for a time, that summer before my high school senior year.

Contemporary —

Columbia: River so mighty of Lewis, Clark, & Sacajawea fame, just down the road from where I live now;

Willamette: River that runs to meet the Columbia, through the City of Roses, & runs through the wide western Oregon valley where I used to live.

Recently visited —

Mae Ping: River that runs through Chiang Mai, Thailand where I spent time in April. Home to Oregon to my half-Siamese cat, one is named (My) Ping.

Hueng: River we waded through to cross into Laos. This after writing our names on a list on the Thai side. The water’s knee high, people are crossing from Laos with empty plastic gas containers because that’s where the gasoline is. People are crossing from Thailand with pockets full of money to buy Lao Lao whiskey made in those same (empty) Castrol GTX containers.

Others I have crossed in my travels — once on a cross-country road trip that was what I recorded in my journal, river after river, creek after creek. Others traversed when in foreign lands.

Alabama. Allegheny. Alsea. American. Arkansas. Charles. Chena. Chenango. Chesapeake. Chicago. Clare. Colorado. Columbia. Corrib. Cuyahoga. Delaware. Deschutes. East. Hudson. Kennebec. Hueng. Ilinois. John Day. Liffey. Mackenzie. Mae Ping. Mary’s. Mississippi. Missouri. Nenana. Ohio. Platte. Plum. Potomac. Rio Grande. Sacramento. Salt. Sandy. Santiam. Seine. Siletz. Rainy. Red. Rialto. Rogue. Salmon. Schuylkill. Snake. Tanana. Tiber. Willamette. Yellowstone.

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