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Getting ready all day yesterday and today for the arrival of family—including young grandchildren—early tomorrow. Getting ready means laundry, raking leaves, kitchen floor waxing, rearranging of this and that that will allow a young family of four to fully inhabit the downstairs as their super-awesome guest suite. Did I mention that we are but an overnight pit-stop on the way to Waikiki? Because that is the truth of this narrative. But this crew will be back on Thanksgiving night. I am totally fine with being the bookends for their tropical family vacation. Portland as jumping-off point to Honolulu makes total sense.

So while we have them before and after their aloha adventure, we have many activities in the works. Visiting the Alberta Park Nature Area. Raking and jumping in maple leaves in the alley. Playing on the super-awesome structures at the Faubion School playground. Coloring, drawing, duking it out over a game of Sorry, reading books, books, and even more books. And, of course, I also have the entire collection of PeeWee’s Playhouse on DVD. [Insert devil emoji here.] The possibilities are lying in wait. Come morning we will have our marching orders…

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