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True confession right off the bat: I have not written very many happy poems. But I really like the literary journal, Poemeleon, and when the call came for their upcoming issue with a theme of “Happy Poems” well I searched the archives and dug a few out.

Poemeleon: A Journal of Poetry was founded by Cati Porter in December of 2005. Here is the original About page from their website. To quote Porter: “It is not surprising that poetry itself is chameleon-like. Its ability to survive has been dependent upon its ability to adapt to the world around it. By ‘world’, I mean to say surroundings – cultural, psychic, geographic. This journal seeks to explore this fertile territory by promoting poetry that reflects the habits as well as the habitat of the poet. In short, poemeleon seeks to make visible the invisible. By placing disparate poems alongside one another I aim to highlight not just their contrasts, but their similarities.”

“And I will tell you a story” and “Six Degrees” have been accepted for publication in Poemeleon’s “Happy Poems” issue to be posted online in Spring 2024. “Six Degrees” was previously published in print in Glasschord Magazine, Issue #9, The Conformist Issue in fall of 2011. “And I will tell you a story” was previously published in print in Gold Man Review in 2014. The latter also appeared as the opening poem in my poetry collection, Every Door Recklessly Ajar. Since neither of these poems have yet been published online, they were eligible for this issue of Poemeleon. Once these poems appear online, I will add links to them on a subsequent Apostrophe post.

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