Acceptance News: Poemeleon’s “Happy Poems” Issue

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True confession right off the bat: I have not written very many happy poems. But I really like the literary journal, Poemeleon, and when the call came for their upcoming issue with a theme of “Happy Poems” well I searched the archives and dug a few out. Poemeleon: A Journal of Poetry was founded by Cati Porter in December of 2005

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Publication News: Gold Man Review

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In Fall 2014, two of my poems were published in the very excellent print journal, Gold Man Review out of Salem, Oregon: “An Elegy for Alice Who Called Out of the Blue on Her 54th Birthday in April 2010, Said She Was ‘Tying Up Loose Ends’ before Heading into a Period of Major Surgeries, and Died a Brief Eighteen Months Later of Complications from a Recurring Infection” and “And I will tell you a story.”..

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